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Temperature Tips To Get The Best From Your Craft Beer

It’s important to play close attention to temperature when looking to best enjoy your craft beer. Here are some key points to ensure that you can enjoy your beer as it was intended by the manufacturer.


Beer Storage:

When it comes to storage of your craft beer you should treat higher temperatures as your enemy. You should refrigerate your beer as soon as possible as it will not only lengthen shelf life but as many craft beers are unpasteurised it will help protect the flavours of the beer.

TIP: Don’t forget to take your beers out of your car boot if you intend to keep your beers shelf life. Studies have shown that beers that could hold well for 30 days at room temperature (or 300 at 3°C) will spoil in 3 days in a car boot.


Beer Glass Temperature:

The temperature of your glass really does affect the flavour of your craft beer. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts

Do: serve your beer in a room temperature or slightly chilled glass. (A few mins in the fridge can work nicely)

Don’t: freeze your glasses. You might think that a frosted/frozen glass would add to the refreshment but the ice crystals can cause foaming problems during the pour and also the drastic reduction in temperature can cause your taste buds to be numbed reducing the enjoyment of various flavours.


Beer Serving Temperature

Start at a minimum of 3-4°C to get the balance between nicely chilled and flavour retention for most standard IPA’s, Helles, Pilsners etc.

For more flavourful beers you should test serving at an even higher temperature range (7 – 9°C) to allow all aromas to be available.


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